Wednesday, 25 December 2013


We are Loan and Ivy, two besties from Perth Western Australia, who have a passion for all things travel, fashion and beauty. We thought blogging would be a fun project to start together and share our amazing lifestyle, interests and lessons we have learnt with our online friends and hopefully learn something from you all in return. 

Meeting in college 8 years ago, we immediately gravitated towards each other and have been soul sisters ever since. It's true when they say like attracts like because we have so many things in common. From how we were raised, two girls with ethnic backgrounds growing up in rural West Australia and moving to the big city of Perth to make their mark on the world - ok it's a little Sex And The City, but we have a flair for the dramatics. To being each other's go to shopping buddy, travel companion and advice guru. All of which, we've found, is hard to find.

Despite our similarities, our styles are quite different. Loan's style is  chic and classic, her look has an effortless beauty to it. She credits her style inspiration from fashion forward family and friends. Loan loves mixing what’s on trend with her classic pieces. Ivy on the other hand is street inspired, sometimes pretty and flirty but always rocks it up, she's more willing to take fashion risks. Ivy says her style inspiration is her mum "Mum taught me that fashion comes and goes, but good style is timeless". Our other style influences come to us daily from running errands to traveling the world, from high fashion magazines to Instagram, from shopping to fashion week.

In the coming weeks we hope you enjoy learning more about us and our experiences, style and beauty secrets that we can't wait to share with you. Until next time lovers


Ivy & Loan xx 

Casual Wear
Loan wears                                        Ivy wears
Orange Top: Supre                             White Top: Sportsgirl
Denim Shorts: Saboskirt                     Black Short: Forever new
Shoes:Shoe Show                              Boots: Wittner
                                                         Watch: Michael Kors

Night wear
Loan wears                                         Ivy wears
Cop Top: Saboskirt                             Dress: Melbourne Markets
Skirt: Topshop                                    Shoes:Charles and Keith 
Shoes:Novo                                        Necklace: Collette

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