Sunday, 23 February 2014

Giveaway - Moschino Clutch - CLOSED



It's giveaway time!!!

To win this gorgeous Moschino clutch shipped directly from Italy, just c
omplete this 10 question survey:

We also have 5 x $10 vouchers from Evaglo featured in our blog Not just another candle for an extra 5 lucky people.

Competition closed 

The Winners are: 
Clutch - Jenny Le 
Evalgo Vouchers
1. Jade Wagner
2. Hannah Tran
3. Hayley Moore
4. Tayna Ashoorian
5. Deanne Walker


Ivy & Loan x

Thursday, 20 February 2014

5 Beauty products we can't live without

Everyone has those beauty products you  can not live without. Those products that you double check its there when your packing for holidays and panic when you run out. Here are our top five treasures we wanna share you beauties. 

Ivy's Top 5 
1.Kérastase Haircare - After years of searching, this is the only product that can tame my course, unmanageable hair.
2. Palmers Cocoa Butter - This affordable gem plays in the big leagues with its expensive counterparts, it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth all day everyday.
3. Benefit Brow Zings Shaping Kit - Because it's all about the eyebrow game.
4. Clinque Anti-Blemish 3 Step Program - This 3 step has given me the smoothest, brightest skin, I cannot recommend this skincare enough.
5. Eyelash Extensions - Genetically I have small straight lashes, this gives me long lushes lashes without having to wear any mascara. Whats not to LOVE!

Loan's Top 5  
1.Rose hip oil – I promote and love rose hip oil so much (Just ask my close friends). When I was younger I had some acne scars. I went in a health food store looking for some vitamin E, then the shop assistant recommend rose hip oil because her son used rose hip oil on his surgery scars and the surgeons were surprise by the results. It leaves your glowing and it has so many benefits!! 
2.Korres- Pomegranate Cleansing Scrub- This is the best scrub I have used on my face making it feeling super soft. Pomegranate is also really great for your skin.
3.Rimmel Natural Bronzer – This is a really inexpensive product. I have many bronzers because I love the sunkiss godness look. This natural bronzer is such a great color which I can use everyday.
4.Revlon Colorstay Liquid Black Eyeliner – Another cheap treasure!! This liquid eyeliner is really easy to apply. I love making eyes stand out. The Rimmel liquid eyeliner is also great.
5.Vaseline Coco butter – Smoothing body butter- While some body butter can feel really heavy, vaseline products easily melts into you skin and light and doesn’t leave any residue.

Images: Various Sources 

Let us know any amazing products you lovelies can not live without!!


Loan xx

Monday, 17 February 2014

Denim Lovers

It all started with denim jeans which were actually wore for workers in gold mines back in the day. Denim pieces has become such a must have pieces in everyone’ closets.  Girls remember your first denim skirt and jacket??  I thought I was so cool!!

Now the style of jeans has definitely changed over the years bell bottom jeans or flared jeans  ( reminds me of That 70's show) to skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are perfect to wear casual to being dressed up in winter for a date or girls night. In terms of jeans it pays to find the perfect fit – make sure you can squat in them!!
What I love are denim shorts!! I think they are just easy to wear and too cute. I wanna spend most of my summer in them. They can go from casual wear with a singlet or top which looks effortless. Then they can be dress up more with a cute top and jewellery. Their also great to showing off sexy tanned pins in summer:) 
Overalls and Vest are making an winning come back. Firstly overall are just adorable you take make overalls look cute and sexy just by wear a simple bralette or crop top with it. Vests are fashion items which are really make an outfit giving it abit more edge.

See Ivy and I rock some denim looks for you beauties.  Let us know your favourite denim piece!!


Loan xx

Ivy wears                                                Loan Wears 
Top:General Pants &Co                        Top: Stella Foster
Shorts: Style Jury                                   Shorts: Dotti
Shoes:Aldo                                             Boots: Betts
Bracelet Shack: Kmart                           Ring: Live
Glasses: Sportgirl

Friday, 14 February 2014

Single on Valentine's Day

It's just another day right? Wrong! Valentine's day, or singles' awareness day as some refer to it, can be a day of love, chivalry and romance. It can also be a day of ice-cream buckets, sad songs and sex with the ex - no matter how good any of these might be they’re probably a bad idea.

February the 14th is a lose/lose situation for us singles; we could celebrate with our friends and family and come off secretly alone or carry on like it's any other day and, well; "the lady doth protest too much, methinks" And as much as you try to make a normal day out of it, society won't let you: restaurants are overpriced, there's red roses and teddy bears around every corner and all the fucking chocolate is heart shaped!!! Thanks hallmark.

Despite the million reasons us singletons should crawl under a rock and call it a day, here are few wins for us:
- It’s perfectly ok to wear your nice, comfy, daggy undies and not this skimpy little thing that no one sees anyway because your ass eats it up.
- You don’t have to put up with a clingy partner.
- You can flirt unashamedly with the cute guy at the bar without feeling a pang of guilt.
- There is no pressure of gift buying or date planning.
- Who needs a boyf when you have the perfect men in your life already: Jose (Cuervo), Ben (& Jerry’s) and Chandler (Bing).

Whether your loved up or flying solo this year, I hope you all can eat some amazing food, have a laugh or two and get a little lucky.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Ivy x

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

City of Love - Paris

I had assumed Paris was given its title because of the romance it creates for two people, but I've realised now that it is the city you fall in love with.

Day One:
We land in Paris exhausted from the 18 hour flight. During the 3 hour (and 100€!!) taxi ride I was slightly disappointed that, so far, France looked a lot like Perth. Through the day we (Deanne and I) hopped on and off of the ugly big red buses - we may as well have walked around with "tourist" tattooed across our forehead. From the Louvre to the Arc de Triomph to the Eiffel Tower I eat my words at how stunning the city really is. During our tour we stumble across a bridge painted with bits of luggage locks. It is said that travelers engrave their locks and attach it to the bridge to literally lock their love in Paris.

Day Two:
We wake up at 5:30am partly because of jet lag, mostly because of maximising our shopping time. After going a few hundred Euros over budget we rush home and get dressed to the nines for our dinner at L'Espadon at the Ritz. As we sip on the glass of champagne recommended by our waiter and secretly panic at the price of the 8 course degustation option, horror strikes as I think "what if the waiter has recommended 500€ glasses of champagne... SHIT!". The meal was delicious, the staff were great and the surrounding was breathtaking. It was everything you'd expect from the Ritz. It's at this point we realise it's 9:00 at night and the sky is bright... Does it get dark in Paris? 

Day Three:
Today we travel to Champagne because; what’s France without a little champagne? In between Mumm and Moët and Chandon I learn that Dom Peringnon accidentally created champagne, that Moët and Chandon bought all of Dom Peringnon vineyards and created the label in his name and that I don't like escargot... Yuk! At night we buzzed our way to the Jay-Z & Kanye West concert. I have to admit that going in I wasn't as excited as Deanne and am not really a fan of the two. None-the-less we danced our way through till the end witnessing an encore of "Niggas in Paris" 11 times!!

Day Four:
Today we skipped Euro Disney for shopping... Great decision I think! Into the night we had dinner at the Effiel tower, where the food was disappointing but the view was breathtaking! We then head to the Moulin Rouge - can-can, topless dancing and musical theater at its best!! On our way home through the "red light" district we come across a sign reading "Zapping 2€". I wonder, is zapping popular in France? It doesn't seem conjure up pleasurable thoughts, but who am I to say, I've never been zapped. And if that's the case, that zapping equals pleasure, then 2€ is quite the bargain.

Day Five:
Today we fly out of Paris and into Spain. I cannot imagine what could top these 4 magnificent nights. 


Ivy xx

Sunday, 9 February 2014

What kind of Sunday are you having?


There are two kinds of Sundays

Lazy Sunday
I love these kinds of Sundays- I stay in my pjs all day watching movies, tv shows (my fave show being the fresh prince) and do some reading. Sundays are perfect for sleep ins especially after a night out or recovery from the week. 

Have a great do nothing sunday!! 

Loan wears                                     Ivy wears
Nightie: Target                               Top: Pull &Bear

Sunday Funday :) 
This is the kind of Sunday where I am relaxing in the sun, beaching it, catching up or going to a Sunday session. Dressing up for Sunday session is fun because dressy and effortless. A very carefree look. You can wear flats. That’s how it should be, I mean just relax its Sunday.

Wait, there’s another type of Sunday which is cleaning which I avoid this on Sunday, I just wanna have fun!!

Let us know what kind of sunday you beauties enjoy? 

Loan Wears                                      Ivy Wears
Top: Lookbook Store                      Top: Saboskirt 
Skirt: Tigermist                                Pants: Saboskirt
Shoes: Shoe Show                           Shoes:Spurr
Necklace: Princess Polly                          


Loan xx

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Little Black Dress

The little black dress (LBD) is a must for every girl’s wardrobe. Its definitely been through history and a timeless item everyone should have. LBD started to get really sexed- up in the 1920 when French designer, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel published a picture of a sleek, short, tight black dress in American Vogue. This changed the LBD from being boring to stylish, sexy and timeless.

There are so many ways you can style the LBD. Here are a couple of reasons why you can count on the LBD!

-Timeless and always stylish
- Can be easily dressed up with accessories - What I personally love is contrasting with the LBD. For example wearing a bright colour necklace its like a cute simple black dress then BAM a bold coloured accessory.
- Can be wore to any occasion – from the workplace to a night out
- Its Figure Flattering 
This little number can be wore to a dinner date, drinks with the girls to a night out dancing. See three different LBD looks Ivy and I do below.


Loan xx

                                           Ivy wears Dress: Topshop Shoes: Siren shoes Necklace:Sportsgirl

Loan wears Dress: Zara Shoe: Shoe Show Necklace: Lousia

                                     Ivy wears: Dress:Portmans Shoes: Sassy Shoes Belt:Cue Bag: Sportsgirl Necklace:Diva

Loan wears Dress: Mishkahfashion Shoes: Shoe Show Necklace: Princess Polly 

Ivy wears: Dress: Mika&Gala Shoes: Sirenshoes Necklace:Diva

                                                Loan Wears Dress: Minkpink Shoes: Novo