Friday, 31 January 2014

Why it's better to be overdressed

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I like to dress up and some might even tell you that I’m overdressed most of the time. This is very intentional, but to explain my rationality I have to take you a while back...

I stepped on an elevator to make my way up to the tenth floor of a building, like any normal person I kept to myself, avoided any eye contact and stayed a good sneezing distance away from the rest of the people. At about the 6th floor a pen drops catching everyone’s attention (a thrilling elevator ride I must say!) and as I look up I catch the eye of a very attractive/familiar looking man. It takes me about 2 more floors for the shock and horror to loom over me - First I realised I was in the same elevator as one of my football favourites; in my head was a screaming teenager so gleeful to be in the vicinity of her high school crush, but on the outside I tried to be a composed woman not fazed by this beautiful creature standing directly opposite me. For the record, I didn’t fool anyone – the smile on his face told me that the gleeful teenager could not be contained. Anyway, secondly (and most relevantly) I was struck with panic when I realised that I was in my trackie-daks, I hadn’t washed my hair in at least a week and I couldn’t remember if I even showered that morning (what was on the 10th floor was more important than looking fab). It dawned on me at about 9th floor that this guy, who I’m sure I’ve fantasised marrying at one stage in my teens, was standing within arm’s length of me and I didn’t look cute! WAAAH! I vowed from that day forth I will never look homeless again!!

Here’s some fun snaps of us ridiculously dressed for mundane tasks, waiting for our fantasy man to come running in.


Ivy xx

Loan wears: Asos dress · Forever New shoes
Ivy wears: Witchery maxi · Diva silver bracelet stack 
Loan wears: Kookai top · Mink Pink skirt · Novo shoes · Forever New earrings
Ivy wears: Seduce dress · Tony Bianco pumps
Loan wears: Nasty Girl top · Tigermist skirt · Betts boots · Diva bracelet 
Ivy wears Portmans dress · Betts shoes 

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Hair vs No hair

So let’s talk about hair. I’m talking about facial and bod hair. What are you into and when does it become a hairy situation? Ok we shall start off with clean shaved guys, they look fresh, baby skin smooth meaning you never have to worry about a pash rash. You can’t deny some men have stunning jawlines that they don’t need any extras. Guys with smooth chests can be very sexy as you can see definition especially if they are fit. Another bonus is that it feels nice skin to skin.



Now for the guys who go for the all-natural look. Stubble on the face is hot because there’s something manly and effortless about it. It’s a look that says I haven’t shaved for a couple of days, I don’t really care and take me as I am. Some chest hair can be appealing and would it definitely make you feel like you’re with a man but you don’t wanna feel like you’re with a bear. But you know what it comes down to personal preferences.



At the end of the day if someone is as beautiful as Ryan Gosling, they can do no wrong hair or no hair. While some guys may look creepy with a beard like Ryan in the notebook, he's still so damn sexy.

Images: Various Sources 

So lets us know what you fancy hair or no hair? :) 


Loan XX




Sunday, 26 January 2014

Australians all let us rejoice... for the Hemsworth brothers.

Today is Australia Day and we here at Hunter-Rose have taken it upon ourselves to search for the most sexiest “talented” Australians. So here goes:

Hunter-Rose’s Australian of the Year Awards 2014

Hemsworth brothers: Let’s take a minute of silence to honour these beautiful creatures... With box office hits such as Thor and The Hunger Games, it’s not wonder why the rest of the world is drooling over Liam and Chris Hemsworth, everyone loves a hero. Why, Miley, Why?

Miranda Kerr: This glamour was the first Australian to campaign for Victoria’s Secret, is a successful entrepreneur with Kora Organics and teacher of positivity through herself empowering books. 

Jennifer Hawkins & Jake Wall: We’re still deciding whether we love or loathe this stunning duo. We can’t help but admire the couple who make casual outings look like a magazine shoot, can you imagine what their babies would look like? Ridiculous!

Thessy & Yiota – Sabo skirt: Although these two are not as renowned as their fellow award winners (yet!) these young entrepreneurs have a special place in our vain hearts. Not only are they absolutely gorgeous, they have inspired us to follow our dreams in creating Hunter-Rose.

Rebel Wilson: There’s not many people in this world that the mere thought of them can make you smile, for us, that person is Rebel. Whether she’s Toula in Fat Pizza or Fat Amy/Patrica in Pitch Perfect, this creative genius has us in stitches constantly. If you haven’t already seen it you must watch Rebel and Ellen’s “Shoop” performance on The Ellen DeGeneres show.

Lance (Buddy) Franklin: I’m using Buddy to represent all the (too many to name) AFL charmers out there. A personal fave of mine, being a West Aussie, premiership player and just plain old good looking!! Although this amazing athlete is with Jacinta Campbell, former Miss Universe contestant, a girl can dream, right?

Steph Claire Smith: In our opinion Australia’s next IT girl (if not already). This Melbournian model is signed to some of the biggest names in modelling worldwide, and with her gorgeous face and killer body it’s no wonder why. Serious girl crushing on this one!

Hamish and Andy: This comedy duo had us at hello, back when they were just a segment on Rove live. These two have me laughing out loud on the drive home, thinking about a gap year (or three) and de-panting every Friday. Our lives would be a little duller without Hamish and Andy. 

So that’s it for Australia Day 2014, on a serious note I would like to commemorate....

 ..... Sorry lost my train of thought. Happy Australia Day!!!


Ivy x

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Your Tea – 28 Day Tiny Teatox

This tea detox is unlike any other. I had learnt my lesson early on with fad diets or detoxes that typically make you restrict food or have a laxative effect. You either starve until you complete the duration of the diet and then eat all the weight back on again (and then some) or your managing the day around but the proximity to the toilets in case, uh “spillage” occurs. Not pleasant!!

I stumbled across Your Tea online when a cousin of mine suggested the product to her sister, and within a quick browse I was able to find Tiny Teatox – a detox that instead of replacing meals or having a laxative effect, it nourishes your system and encourages healthy bowel function so you are able to process foods more effectively. The tea is known to aid in weight loss, decrease bloating, clear up skin, stabilise emotions and increase energy. I won’t go too much into it on this blog, but I had done my research and they had me hook line and sinker. You can read more at
I have logged a diary so I am able to report back and show/tell you all how I went.

Before starting the Tiny Teatox I feel a little bloated and lethargic, my skin is generally good so I don’t think I would see much of a change there. At this stage I’m a little emotional, but I think this is more due to the fact I’m watching Greys Anatomy when Lexi and McSteamy sad!! The shipping was surprisingly fast and I had a few questions for the Your Tea team which was answered promptly, very impressed with their customer service. I've taken my before photo in the morning without food (see above) and will take the after at the same time so I can compare accurately.
The tea taste kind of a woody or earthy, I’m a big green tea drinker so it hasn't offended my taste buds and it doesn’t have the bitterness that green tea is normally associated with.  In the first few days I struggled with the amount of energy it gave me, so I was having a little trouble sleeping and I also felt a little nauseated. I read into these symptoms and apparently it was normal for the first few days. After the fourth day I was feeling good, energised (but able to sleep), I didn't feel nauseous and the tension in my body subsided. Sometimes I struggled with the timing and my on-the-go lifestyle because you have to consume the tea 30 minutes before each main meal daily, but I was able to meet these instructions most of the time. Through the 28 days of detox I didn't see any huge changes, but I noticed the benefits of the tea here and there. My skin remained clear throughout, I had more energy without having to reach for a coffee (not even once!) and I felt my body was working better.

I’m kind of sad I don’t have any tea left, when you do something this often it becomes a part of your everyday routine. OK results, unfortunately I didn't lose any weight, but have a look at my before and after shots below and you can see the changes in my body, I didn't notice the changes until I put the before and after photos together and was pleasantly surprised. In hindsight I wish I could have been a little stricter on my diet and exercise to maximise the teatox’s results, but I am not complaining at all!! The most amazing benefit I have gained from Tiny Tea is also the most unanticipated – After trying to wean myself off anti-depressants (and failing) for the last few months, the Your Tea blend enabled me to stabilise my emotions enough to completely stop taking my medications. If this was the only advantage I had taken from the detox, it would have been all worth it.
Before Top - After Bottom

I cannot rave about this product enough and thoroughly recommend you all to try it. It’ll be perfect for a kick start to a healthy and happy new you or that extra bit of help to get rid of those last few kilos and bloating. If you do take this journey I would love to hear how you go, so keep me posted and Good Luck!!


Ivy x

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Brunch Time

Enjoy the simple things in Life!! Brunch is great for lazy mornings, catching with friends, enjoying yummy food and its also opportunity to wear cute outfits. There are some great places in eat in Perth. Ivy and I tried brunch at Mrs S. This place is always packed and busy so we had to try it. First of all this place has the cutest menus. They used old Disney cartoon books as covers for their menus. The front counter is filled with yummy sweets. We both had the classic eggs and toast, with adding our favourite mushrooms and avocado which was really yummy and filling. We couldn’t resist leaving without buying some cupcakes and biscuits for later.

We both love any excuse to dress up. Dressing up for brunch calls for cute, fun fresh outfits. In summer pops of colour are a must along with stylish sunnies. Ivy’s outfit was pretty with her accessories making a fun statement and her denim vest adding a touch of edginess. While my outfit’s statement piece was bright coloured neon skirt with a simple good old grey crop top to balance out the outfit.  


Loan xx

Ivy wears

Dress/ Headband – Sportsgirl

Shoes –Aldo
Glasses- Mink pink 

Loan wears 

Top: Supre

Skirt: Saboskirt
Shoes: Novo
Glasses: Quayeyeware