Saturday, 28 December 2013

2014 New Year's Resolution

I achieved exactly zero on my 2013 “New Year’s Resolutions” list. I was too busy, too ambitious, too pre-occupied, if you ask me, there are just too many excuses. So this year, in the attempt of creating some accountability, I am posting my 2014 list for the world (wide web) to see:

1.      Eat healthier/exercise more – My NY resolutions always have some liking to eating healthy and exercising. Although I have every intention of living a “healthy” lifestyle, this resolution is to serve my vanity – to have a banging bod.

2.      Save and pay off debts

3.      Start a company

4.      Take more photos – Somewhere along the way (between the ages 21-22) I stopped taking as many photos, so I am committing to buying a fancy camera and taking at least one photo a day.

5.      Donate blood

6.      Do a good deed a day

7.      Be decisive – I am one of those annoying fence sitters, “I don’t mind”, wishy washy people. In 2014 I’m hoping off the fence and choosing a side

So there is my 2014 resolution list, a good mix of fun and responsible. I’m sure you’ll read of my failures and triumphs throughout our blog. What’s on your list?


Ivy xx

Photo Cred:
1. Kayla Itsines – Instagram
2. Australian Red Cross
3. Lorna Jane – Instagram
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