Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Your Tea – 28 Day Tiny Teatox

This tea detox is unlike any other. I had learnt my lesson early on with fad diets or detoxes that typically make you restrict food or have a laxative effect. You either starve until you complete the duration of the diet and then eat all the weight back on again (and then some) or your managing the day around but the proximity to the toilets in case, uh “spillage” occurs. Not pleasant!!

I stumbled across Your Tea online when a cousin of mine suggested the product to her sister, and within a quick browse I was able to find Tiny Teatox – a detox that instead of replacing meals or having a laxative effect, it nourishes your system and encourages healthy bowel function so you are able to process foods more effectively. The tea is known to aid in weight loss, decrease bloating, clear up skin, stabilise emotions and increase energy. I won’t go too much into it on this blog, but I had done my research and they had me hook line and sinker. You can read more at
I have logged a diary so I am able to report back and show/tell you all how I went.

Before starting the Tiny Teatox I feel a little bloated and lethargic, my skin is generally good so I don’t think I would see much of a change there. At this stage I’m a little emotional, but I think this is more due to the fact I’m watching Greys Anatomy when Lexi and McSteamy sad!! The shipping was surprisingly fast and I had a few questions for the Your Tea team which was answered promptly, very impressed with their customer service. I've taken my before photo in the morning without food (see above) and will take the after at the same time so I can compare accurately.
The tea taste kind of a woody or earthy, I’m a big green tea drinker so it hasn't offended my taste buds and it doesn’t have the bitterness that green tea is normally associated with.  In the first few days I struggled with the amount of energy it gave me, so I was having a little trouble sleeping and I also felt a little nauseated. I read into these symptoms and apparently it was normal for the first few days. After the fourth day I was feeling good, energised (but able to sleep), I didn't feel nauseous and the tension in my body subsided. Sometimes I struggled with the timing and my on-the-go lifestyle because you have to consume the tea 30 minutes before each main meal daily, but I was able to meet these instructions most of the time. Through the 28 days of detox I didn't see any huge changes, but I noticed the benefits of the tea here and there. My skin remained clear throughout, I had more energy without having to reach for a coffee (not even once!) and I felt my body was working better.

I’m kind of sad I don’t have any tea left, when you do something this often it becomes a part of your everyday routine. OK results, unfortunately I didn't lose any weight, but have a look at my before and after shots below and you can see the changes in my body, I didn't notice the changes until I put the before and after photos together and was pleasantly surprised. In hindsight I wish I could have been a little stricter on my diet and exercise to maximise the teatox’s results, but I am not complaining at all!! The most amazing benefit I have gained from Tiny Tea is also the most unanticipated – After trying to wean myself off anti-depressants (and failing) for the last few months, the Your Tea blend enabled me to stabilise my emotions enough to completely stop taking my medications. If this was the only advantage I had taken from the detox, it would have been all worth it.
Before Top - After Bottom

I cannot rave about this product enough and thoroughly recommend you all to try it. It’ll be perfect for a kick start to a healthy and happy new you or that extra bit of help to get rid of those last few kilos and bloating. If you do take this journey I would love to hear how you go, so keep me posted and Good Luck!!


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  1. Yay Ives!! definitely an inspiration... I may need to look into this to get rid of the baby puch dear Zanthe has left me!!
    So proad of you and Loan!!!

    1. Thanks babe!! I definitely recommend this stuff :)


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