Monday, 28 July 2014

Challenges in your Mid-twenties

Your mid-twenties are like being the middle child, underestimated and misunderstood.  Your too old to sleep all day and party all night, but too young for anyone to take you seriously. People are asking you when are you getting married, but you're too preoccupied eating Ben and Jerry's while watching Game Of Thrones. Here are just some challenges in your mid-twenties.

1. Your friends are at the opposite ends of the spectrum, some of them are inviting you to weddings and baby showers and the others are inviting you to McDonalds to cure their hangover.

2. You have done the traditional route of studying, get a job and start climbing the corporate ladder. Suddenly you realise you hate it and you don’t want to do the 9-5 for the next 20 years.  What the hell am I going to do my life?

3. In your younger years, you would go out Friday, Saturday and a Sunday Session and you were fresh as a daisy on Monday morning. Now one night out takes you several days to recover. You went out on the Saturday night and you still feel hungover on Monday. Is this what old age feels like?

4. You actually start thinking about organizing your superannuation and realise its going to be hard work, because you've joined five different super funds starting from your first bakery job.

5. You think those in primary school have a good life, no worries or responsibilities. They get two breaks morning tea and lunch. While you are at your desk job, only get half an hour eating at your desk. Also when it's really busy you get no lunch break, this is so sad.

6. You starting thinking about botox, as you look in the mirror you think “ I’m sure I never had those lines before” 

7. By your mid-twenties you think you don’t have go through any high school drama. But in reality you realise some people never grow out of the gossip mentality.

It may be challenge going through your mid-twenties so here is some advice from the great Mr Bean:


  Loan xxx 

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Grease is the word

Grease had made its mark on the world; the romantic summer loving story between Danny and Sandy. The movie was released in 1978 and made a killing in the box office, fast forward to present time Grease the musical has made it’s way down under.

As the theatre quickly filled up for the show, many viewers and fans dressed for the perfectly occasion. We saw slicked back hair, leather jackets and colourful long skirts, bringing back the great era of the 1950’s. The show started with humour and laughter by Australia’s TV personality Bert Newton. Then the incredible and oh so talented cast came out with such high-energy which makes you want to get off your ass and start singing and dancing. Rob Mills and Gretel Scarlett played the two main characters Danny and Sandy. Rob’s cheeky personality and great performing talent were evident in the show, while Gretel Scarlett is an up and coming performer and already been in other musical such as Mamma Mia and Wicked. We can’t forget their co– stars, The Pink Ladies and Danny’s Boys who has us giggling at their charm and laughing at their wit.

People of all ages would enjoy the musical, while the kids would love the catchy tunes and dancing, the adults rejoice in the nostalgia of the original. The whole production from the music, set, costumes, and obviously the performers was an absolute joy to watch. I walked away wishing I was a beauty school dropout of Rydell High and born to hand jive.

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Love Loan xxx 

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Fashion Under $50

We had given ourselves the challenge buying a complete outfit for under $50, so shoes, earrings and everything in between. I had this in the bag; One I'm (pretty much) a professional shopper and two my asian genes are magnets to cheap clothes and sales. As I walked into Betts with half price shoes valuing at $60, I realised this was a harder task than initially expected. As we browsed the racks of stores that we haven't shopped in since we were poor uni students, we were pleasantly surprised by the clothes we found.

Heres what our $50 bought us:

Ivy wears:                                Loan wears:
Shoes: Kmart Shoes $5           Shoes: Kmart $15
Accessories Lovisa $10           Skirt: Factory $12.95
Top: Factory $9.95                  Top: Saboskirt $19.20
Skirt: Target $20                      Earrings: Colette $2 
Total: $45.95                           Total: $49.15


Ivy x

Things only an Ethnic child would understand

Here are some things ethnic parents do, and some of those things just can not be explained. 

1. When you see other school kids have sandwiches and you have fried rice or something that looks or smells weird.

2. Parents can't pronounce English names , simple names like Jenny become Jelly 

3. Dinner is not one dish it's a ten course meal with plenty of leftovers.

5.People who are not even related to you, you're told to call them your cousin, aunt or uncle.

6. Everyone loves a sale or bargain but ethnic parents seem to buy 100 of whatever is on sale and they don't even need it.

7.Your parents think your a virgin until you get married.

8. They like to keep things looking as new as possible by leaving the plastic on couches and electronics. 

9. They see something bad in the news and tell you it could happen to you.

10. Low-carb diets are out of the question because all meals contain rice or pasta at home .

11. Most parents don't understand not eating meat. For example in the movie My big fat Greek wedding when Toula's boyfriend comes over she tells her aunt he is vegetarian 
Aunt: It's ok I will make him lamb

The joys of being an ethnic child but you wouldn't change a thing :) 

Love Loan