Sunday, 5 January 2014

Getting Dirty with Frank

Me getting naked and dirty with Frank 

I’m pretty obsessed with scrubs. I have used many different types of scrubs, the ones from the shops to homemade scrubs. It is important to exfoliate our skin to get rid of dead skin cells. Since my skin is quiet sensitive I prefer, actually I mean I have to use products with more natural ingredients. My allergic reaction on my skin is not a pretty look.  Frank’s products are made from natural ingredients. So I was pretty excited to try Frank coffee scrub. I first hear of Frank bod scrubs on Instagram and after reading some reviews on the product I decided to try some.

Frank – Coconut and Grape seed

Frank’s scrubs got a whole lot better when they put out the coconut and grape seed coffee scrub which is limited edition. OMG I loved the smell, it was a mixture of coffee and sweet coconut. The texture is kind of like moist coffee grains. I followed the simple steps of damping my skin in the shower, circulating the scrub on body and boy is the stuff messy but fun to use. I left the scrub on my skin for 5-10 minutes as it says on the pack.                      
Frank Scrub- Pack of Goodness

Frank- Coconut & Grapeseed

Verdict- LOVED IT !! My skin felt soft and smooth straight away. Who doesn’t like soft baby skin? It didn’t leave any oily residue, which some scrubs I have used do. This stuff is pretty amazing and worth a try. I will be definitely using more. 


Loan xx 

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