Sunday, 1 June 2014

What have you learnt from your 20's

One of those questions you ask yourself is when do you become an adult? Currently in my 20’s now I think about how grateful I am for the experiences I have had. When I’m out of my 20’s I wonder what advice I wish I had and if there were anything I would do differently. Ivy and I were honoured to interview 15 beautiful women who have already experienced their 20’s and have given some valuable advice about some of the most significant things they have learnt in their 20’s.

As we interview a variety of amazing women, a common thread is that in your 20’s it’s the land of choice and opportunities, “My 20's taught me the world is one big fun, mysterious, exciting playground". It's a time where you make big changes. “In my 20's I let my curiosity guide me, which lead me to explore new jobs, trends, friends etc”.  Society thinks people in their 20’s are selfish, but it is a time to be selfish, to travel, to explore, to see the world and to go for your dreams, because as the years go by your priorities will change. A realistic way of putting this is “Unless you stay single and/or mortgage free for ever it’s the only time you get in your entire life to do this”.

Your 20’s are an important time for personal growth, getting to know yourself but also having compassion for others. A beautiful way of putting this is “it's important to be yourself and look after yourself in order to be the best friend/daughter/mother/sister etc”. It’s a stage when we may be consumed by what other people think, be scared to go against the norm, and only follow society's trends. It is important to “get the confidence to march to your own tune”. In society, with women there is always the stigma that there is competition and jealousy. Another common theme is to support other people’s dreams and embrace positive people. “Don’t be jealous of those who are fabulous, just be happy for them and realise it's something you can aspire to". This relates so much to the saying ‘Girls compete with each other, Women EMPOWER one another'. Also, it’s important to have compassion for other people and be empathetic to their life story. “Listen and learn that everyone has a story to tell, it might not be relevant, but it's important to someone”.  

In your 20’s don’t be scared to dream big and go after what you want. “Life can be as big as you want it to be”.  You’re also the only one that can go for your dreams and no else will do it for you. At the same time have fun and learn not to take yourself too seriously. Over time you may gain and lose friends or relationships but it’s important for yourself to let go of issues and move forward in your life. This is something, which is much easier said then done. I’m sure I will look back and realise some things in life are worth letting go.

A valuable piece of advice, which was said many times, was to embrace every experience both good and bad. “I started to learn what makes me tick and drives me in life my 20's”. Every experience shapes you into the person you are meant to be. Every woman takes different paths in their 20s whether it is starting a family, going for their career or setting up their dream business. A beautiful shared comment which was made by a majority of women was they never regretted any path they took in their 20’s. This is something I look forward to saying in the future.

We would like to give a massive THANK YOU to all the beautiful women who took the time to give us all your incredible advice and comments. Everything you gave us so was valuable.


Loan xx

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