Sunday, 6 July 2014

Fashion Under $50

We had given ourselves the challenge buying a complete outfit for under $50, so shoes, earrings and everything in between. I had this in the bag; One I'm (pretty much) a professional shopper and two my asian genes are magnets to cheap clothes and sales. As I walked into Betts with half price shoes valuing at $60, I realised this was a harder task than initially expected. As we browsed the racks of stores that we haven't shopped in since we were poor uni students, we were pleasantly surprised by the clothes we found.

Heres what our $50 bought us:

Ivy wears:                                Loan wears:
Shoes: Kmart Shoes $5           Shoes: Kmart $15
Accessories Lovisa $10           Skirt: Factory $12.95
Top: Factory $9.95                  Top: Saboskirt $19.20
Skirt: Target $20                      Earrings: Colette $2 
Total: $45.95                           Total: $49.15


Ivy x

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