Sunday, 6 July 2014

Things only an Ethnic child would understand

Here are some things ethnic parents do, and some of those things just can not be explained. 

1. When you see other school kids have sandwiches and you have fried rice or something that looks or smells weird.

2. Parents can't pronounce English names , simple names like Jenny become Jelly 

3. Dinner is not one dish it's a ten course meal with plenty of leftovers.

5.People who are not even related to you, you're told to call them your cousin, aunt or uncle.

6. Everyone loves a sale or bargain but ethnic parents seem to buy 100 of whatever is on sale and they don't even need it.

7.Your parents think your a virgin until you get married.

8. They like to keep things looking as new as possible by leaving the plastic on couches and electronics. 

9. They see something bad in the news and tell you it could happen to you.

10. Low-carb diets are out of the question because all meals contain rice or pasta at home .

11. Most parents don't understand not eating meat. For example in the movie My big fat Greek wedding when Toula's boyfriend comes over she tells her aunt he is vegetarian 
Aunt: It's ok I will make him lamb

The joys of being an ethnic child but you wouldn't change a thing :) 

Love Loan 


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