Sunday, 17 August 2014

Gratitude – The best of

Recently I have been seeing a viral Facebook campaign to list 3 things you are grateful for, for 7 days. We at Hunter-Rose have been practicing gratitude for years now and we think you will be seriously entertained with some of our submissions. Here is our best of gratitude list.

I am grateful for:

Sucky-inie-undies (yes, I do believe that is the technical term): Whoever invented these babies is a god send!! Having a fat day, week or year? Jump into these miracle workers and voilà you'll have no more handles to love.

Lip Balm: Paw Paw Ointment and Blistex are my personal fave, but each to their own. Point is, should I happen to come across Ryan Gosling, Sonny Bill Williams, Georges St-Pierre or Ed Sheeran I would definitely try and steal a pash. Because of my obsessive balm application my puckers are always Gosling ready.

Coffee: Thank you coffee for keeping me awake at work (and therefore still employed), thank you for creating THE yummiest martinis and most of all thank you for giving me enough patience to not fly-kick every dummy I come across on a daily basis.

Dry shampoo: Flashback years ago when I purchased my first bottle of dry shampoo: As I firmly press down on the nozzle pointed directly towards my greasy roots, the magical mist sprays in slow motion onto my scalp. I kid you not, in the 5 milliseconds it took to travel from can to hair, I heard birds singing, church bells ringing and the hair gods blessing me with arguably the greatest product that the mortal world has seen.

High Heels: Heels and I have a love-hate relationship. As much as they hurt me and have walking me like a 9 month old baby, they are too pretty not to love. For 1 they give us extra height, and you all know that I could use every centimetre I'm given and just as importantly, they make our butts look cute, and who doesn't love a cute butt?

Phone: I have to admit that my phone has become an extension of my self. Do you remember the bone song; "The knee bone's connected to the thigh bone"? Well my phalanges are definitely connected to my iPhone!! I dread the day I accidentally leave my phone at home. I feel naked, I don't know what is going on in the world without access to Facebook and god forbid I find myself alone!! I'll actually have to find something to do or someone to talk to because I can’t fake ‘super busy with phone stuff’ without my phone.

Brow Kit: In between brow tints my brow kit is my saviour. It equips me with mini tools to bring me from Christina Yang (at her Burke wedding) to Cara Delevingne, need I say more! In a time when ones eyebrow game is crucial, a brow kit will kit will keep me on point on the daily.

What are you grateful for?


Ivy xx


  1. Hello there, I am in the lip balm team as well! I won so many! my favorite at the moment is the lip aloe from the body shop, that thing does wonders!!! it gives you a new pair of lips, seriously.
    lovely blog! thanks for your comment in my blog xx.

  2. such a nice post! i'm also grateful for my phone, lip balms and coffee!

  3. great post!

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    Ti aspetto, un bacio!

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  5. Ripasso nel tuo blog per un saluto, sempre bello!
    Passa da me a vedere il mio nuovo post: fammi sapere cosa ne pensi! Se ti va seguimi!
    Un bacio :)

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    A kiss :)

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  7. Oh my goodness, YES to being forever grateful for dry shampoo. I always have around 3 cans in my bathroom at all never know when laziness is going to strike!

    This was hilarious!



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