Friday, 8 August 2014

Summer/Spring Mini bucket list

So there are the big life bucket lists, which I’m sure everyone has like skydiving or travelling. And then there are just the little things that you want to do but don’t always get around to it. Sometimes you just have to enjoy the little things in life for one day you’ll look back and realise they were actually big things. Here are a few things you can do which are pretty fun.

      1.  Make a Punch
Summer is about long nights and fruit drinks. Yum!! Why not have some friends over and make a delicious punch or vodka jelly. These drinks are dangerous because your having fun sipping a sweet beverage while you have no idea your getting really tipsy.

2. Go on a outdoor picnic
How Romantic! Pack a picnic basket with some yummy snacks and warm rug for the perfect outdoor picnic. Such a great date idea :)

3.Try a new look
We are slowly getting out of winter. YAY! Its time for a new look- something different. So might be a whole new hairstyle or maybe just a new lip colour or a new style of sunnies.

4.  Do tie-dye
Tie-Dye clothes = Awesome !
There is nothing better than having colourful clothes and being a flowerchild. So get your friends over and have tie-dying session with some fruity punch. Hunter-Rose will be doing a how to do tie-dye blog very soon, so stay tuned.

5. Print your photos
How much fun is it to look at old photos in a photo album. We take so many photo these days now but never print them anymore. There are such cool companies such as My little photo book and Picture Postie  that are really  sweet gift ideas

6. Have a slumber party
Get your girlfriends together and have a slumber party and paint your nails, put on a rom-com and pig out on junk food.  

7. Go to a outdoor movie
I have noticed more and more outdoor cinemas in Perth. Why not take advantage of the fresh air and catch a movie outdoor on some comfy bean bags and popcorn. 

8. Nail a recipe 
Find a recipe which you love and become an absolute master chef at it. This can be an amazing desert or just a yummy dinner dish. 

9. Write Thank you cards
They say the best attitude is gratitude. So why not do it the old fashion way. Buy or make some thank you cards for people who mean the world to you. 

10. Have lots and lots of frozen yogurt 
I love frozen yogurt anytime but its even better in summer. 


Loan xx

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