Sunday, 7 September 2014

Top 9 Reasons Why We Love Our Dads

Dads are certainly a special breed, with their questionable dad jokes, DIY inventions and daggy personalities. Here are our most favourite (and funniest) things that only dads do:

1. Crying does not scare them away from amazing photo opportunities

2. They teach us to be competitive at a young age:
 3. They’ll do anything for a laugh (no matter how inappropriate it might be)
4. They invent creative solutions for lazy parents
5. They don’t let their impairments hinder connection with the virtual world
6. They dress us like this:
7. … And make us pose like this:
8. They find innovative ways to stop kids from crying, ie: show them how to take selfies  
9. They’ll do ANYTHING to keep us happy

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the amazing dads out there, our lives would be dull without you!


Ivy xx


  1. hahaha omg this is so cute! especially no 9! XD

  2. Ripasso per un saluto!
    Nuovo post da me, fammi sapere cosa ne pensi! bacio!


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Ivy and Loan xx