Sunday, 12 October 2014

Ticking boxes on the Bucket List

Okay so I have reached my mid twenties and there are still like a million things I want to do. Everyone has a bucket list of all the things they want to do before they die. I came across this Bucketlist,org website.

So you go on this website or download the app, and it helps you create and track your bucket list. This is for those who are serious about ticking off their bucket list.
Here are a few things on my bucket list.
  • Work for myself doing what I love –Its sad to think that when you have office job for eight hours a day, you spend more time with people at work than your actual love ones. Since starting Hunter-Rose  I get to do something I’m obsessed with, and have my best friend as a business partner. It has been hands down the best thing ever.

  • Ride an elephant – So I have been to Bali and Phuket, I have seen and feed elephants. The first time  I feed an elephant in Phuket that was the moment I fell in love with these beautiful creatures. I was on a tour and didn’t get enough time ride an elephant so definitely next time I will.

  • See snow – Although I hate the cold. The snow looks too pretty not to see. I always see snow in movies and wish I could build an awesome snowman and have a snow ball fight.

  •  Go on a safari – actually going to South Africa would be incredible. But you couldn’t go and not see Simba.

  • Greek Islands – I have never been to Europe, which is one of the saddest things ever. The Greek islands look to die for. So pretty and sunny, where I can just tan all day long.

  •  Visit an orphanage overseas- I always see people visit orphans in third world countries and the kids are so cute. These kids have so little but look like they have so much love to give. Its nice sometimes to give back and appreciate what you have.

  • Learn to sew and knit – Okay I don’t have time for this now but I would love to be able to sew nice clothes and knit scarfs. Maybe years from now when I have kids, I can make them little outfits.

  • Sky diving – If I’m brave and crazy I would have to do one of the obvious bucket list things and risk my life. Hopefully my friends would want to do this with me :)

  •  Drawing faces on eggs – So I found this on the bucket list org website and thought it was too funny not to share. I think this one is easy enough to do. 
What are some of things on your bucket list ? :)

Loan xxx

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