Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Santa Online

So Christmas is coming and it’s the time to be jolly, although preparing for Christmas is anything but! Picking out and buying gifts for your loved ones can get stressful. Because of the genius that is online shopping, I avoid physically having to go to the shops. The shopping centres during Christmas time is absolute hell.  It takes like five hours to get parking, you have to be quick otherwise stores run out of stock and people just don’t care if they get in your way. Yeah, no thank you, I would take online shopping any day.

I have put together just few online stores and ideas for some Christmas goodies.

Mnologie  – I Just LOVE these clutches
They are beautiful, clear clutches with a variety pouches inside. The reason why I love this clutch is you can get your name engraved on them, which is a cute personal touch.

Houseware Goodies 
I am at the age where some of friends are getting hitched or moving in with their lovers. My cousin’s girlfriend mention to me she just loves it when people buy her house ware for their new apartment. The online homeware store From the Owl  have a unique, cute selection of gifts for homes. Another online home ware store is Wheel and Barrow. They offer some fab entertaining and kitchenware. They have a pretty awesome range of large drink dispensers, perfect for summer parties.

Keturah Day Spa and Hidden Valley Eco
Day Spas are always so popular, I mean, who doesn’t like to get pampered? Both these Day Spas allow you to order gift vouchers and treatment packages online. Keturah Day Spa  is one Perth's best Day spas and they do corporate and hen’s day bookings. It’s a fun way to spoil you and your friends. Hidden Valley Eco is really a hidden gem. It's located in a much more secluded area in the hills .You can enjoy your day spa treatment and also stay overnight in lodges.

My Little Photobook
Ok, so I have mentioned My Little Photobook  before in a prior blog. I just love this concept because it so old school. Isn’t it so much fun going through old photo albums?  And no one really prints our photos anymore. It’s an app for your phone where you select photos, submit them, then they create the images into a beautiful book and it gets delivered at your door.

Gift Hampers 
The Special Delivery Company the name says it all- these are beautiful package gift hampers. They have gifts for every occasion such as Christmas, for babies or if you want something special for him or her. They have already done the hard part in selecting gorgeous high quality gifts in different packages and all you really have to pick is the pretty packaging.

Funky Sunnies
I’m sure everyone has a million pairs of sunnies you can never have too many. Quay Australia  have fun and stylish and pretty reasonably priced. They also provide free shipping Australia wide which is a mega bonus. 

Custom Portrait Drawings 
Another Christmas gift idea is one that I have found from just being on insta, is drawings of people. Gosh there are so many talented artists out there. So you can send a picture in like a family picture, a couple picture or a picture of you and your bestie and get it drawn. Here are just a few talented illustrators and graphic designers I have found but there are so many out there- Hayley O'Connor and Stephanie Baynie to name a few.

So there are some online xmas ideas, I hope everyone has a stress free Christmas :)

Loan xxx 

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