Thursday, 2 January 2014

SALE is a Four Letter Word

What even is Boxing Day? Personally, I have flashes of the word "sale", masses of people running, and women fighting over the last size of Louboutins for 75% off. In hindsight, the post Christmas Day is named just perfectly.

As a serial shopaholic I was extremely proud of my efforts to avoid shopping centres on the holy grail of shopping days - Boxing Day. That was until flicked through my Instagram and found sales that I just couldn't pass up and clothes I just couldn't live without. Fast forward 1 hour and I'd completed a shopping spree that would make Kim Kardashian blush.

I then realised my internal shopaholics anonymous group will need to create a new 12 step program to battle the online shopping arena and association with the word SALE. Like other four letter words I'm hooked by its dark allure, its provocative nature and the unknown danger that's likely to follow.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to refresh my feed to check on my deliveries.


Ivy xx

Here are some of the purchases we've received early 

Your Tea - Tiny Teatox
Show Pony
Frank Body Scrub

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