Friday, 14 March 2014

Bali Life

We are so lucky Perth is close to Bali. It’s the best weekend getaway. It is almost cheaper to flight to Bali then to go other parts of Australia, Crazy!! You get to stay at such beautiful resorts at a such a low cost. The weather nice and warm, its tropical, great food and drinks and the locals adore us.

Ok so everyone knows about Kuta, party central which is wild and fun. This is where you hustle and become a bargain QUEEN or KING for bintang shirts and fake sunnies.

Also you have get flapjacks- pancakes, waffles - heaven!! 

Then are beautiful places like potatohead which is beautiful day and night. You can tan all day and just go for a dip in the pool to cool off. Great food and the atmosphere and view is so fun and amazing. LOVE!! Kudeta is also fab for dinner and drinks.

Potato head Bali -Image - Various sources 
Rock bar
This Bar is located at Ayana Resort which is amazing, although it was too busy and we didn't get in, we still got to take some great pictures around the resort and also had dinner there too. I did find for you guys a picture of Rock Bar to show you how amazing it looks. But I will definitely be going to this place next. Get there early to watch the beautiful sun set. 

Hidden Treasures 
There are so many hidden treasuresplaces where I want to go next include
-Rock bar (Get there early)
-Bunglow cafĂ© - This place looks cute 
-Branch out to the other islands and explore them 

Let us know some of your fave places in Bali!! 


Loan xx 

Rock Bar- Image Various sources 

Ayana Resort

Our Beautiful Resort in Seminyak
Our resort in Seminyak

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  1. Rock Bar was a let down anyway. You didn't miss anything. The resort it lovely though :)


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