Sunday, 23 March 2014

Oh Hello Hair

So my hair always starts to get really damaged in summer. All that summer fun outside at the beach in the sun. I love effortless, wavy beach hair but soon it becomes too dry for me to handle. Having great hair is like having a fab accessory for every outfit.  
My gorgeous friend Cass thought of me when she came across a hair treatment product call ohhellohair. So I looked them up on Instagram on @ohhellohair. They have pictures of the amazing hairstyles; I was like in fabulous hair heaven.

So I purchase this hair treatment. Firstly its smells AMAZING with coconut, Argan and Almond oils!! Ok so this hair treatment is different from other hair treatments in terms how you use it. 
1. You apply it on dry hair ( I'm use to putting hair treatments on wet or damp hair) 
2. Leave the product on for about 30mins.  
3. Finally you need to shampoo hair- TIP Make sure you shampoo your hair vey well or you hair looks kinda oily after. 

Verdict: Really great hair treatment for dry hair and restoring your hair especially over summer. I have used the product a couple of times now and hair looks and feels less dry. I have also notice my hair being less knotty too. The product smells amazing!! 


Loan xx

Just after using Ohhellohair 

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  1. This looks like a great hair product. i will have to give it a try

    Kiki Simone


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