Sunday, 26 January 2014

Australians all let us rejoice... for the Hemsworth brothers.

Today is Australia Day and we here at Hunter-Rose have taken it upon ourselves to search for the most sexiest “talented” Australians. So here goes:

Hunter-Rose’s Australian of the Year Awards 2014

Hemsworth brothers: Let’s take a minute of silence to honour these beautiful creatures... With box office hits such as Thor and The Hunger Games, it’s not wonder why the rest of the world is drooling over Liam and Chris Hemsworth, everyone loves a hero. Why, Miley, Why?

Miranda Kerr: This glamour was the first Australian to campaign for Victoria’s Secret, is a successful entrepreneur with Kora Organics and teacher of positivity through herself empowering books. 

Jennifer Hawkins & Jake Wall: We’re still deciding whether we love or loathe this stunning duo. We can’t help but admire the couple who make casual outings look like a magazine shoot, can you imagine what their babies would look like? Ridiculous!

Thessy & Yiota – Sabo skirt: Although these two are not as renowned as their fellow award winners (yet!) these young entrepreneurs have a special place in our vain hearts. Not only are they absolutely gorgeous, they have inspired us to follow our dreams in creating Hunter-Rose.

Rebel Wilson: There’s not many people in this world that the mere thought of them can make you smile, for us, that person is Rebel. Whether she’s Toula in Fat Pizza or Fat Amy/Patrica in Pitch Perfect, this creative genius has us in stitches constantly. If you haven’t already seen it you must watch Rebel and Ellen’s “Shoop” performance on The Ellen DeGeneres show.

Lance (Buddy) Franklin: I’m using Buddy to represent all the (too many to name) AFL charmers out there. A personal fave of mine, being a West Aussie, premiership player and just plain old good looking!! Although this amazing athlete is with Jacinta Campbell, former Miss Universe contestant, a girl can dream, right?

Steph Claire Smith: In our opinion Australia’s next IT girl (if not already). This Melbournian model is signed to some of the biggest names in modelling worldwide, and with her gorgeous face and killer body it’s no wonder why. Serious girl crushing on this one!

Hamish and Andy: This comedy duo had us at hello, back when they were just a segment on Rove live. These two have me laughing out loud on the drive home, thinking about a gap year (or three) and de-panting every Friday. Our lives would be a little duller without Hamish and Andy. 

So that’s it for Australia Day 2014, on a serious note I would like to commemorate....

 ..... Sorry lost my train of thought. Happy Australia Day!!!


Ivy x

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