Friday, 10 January 2014

Fusion of Asian and Western Culture – Singapore

Background - Marina Bay Sands
Loan wears Ivy Wears
Dress -Supre Top: TopShop
Clutch- From Bali Markets Shorts: Forever 21

One my fave holidays I had with Ivy was in Singapore. We went at the end of 2012 and spent New Year’s over there. One of the best New Year’s ever for me.

If you love Shopping and food this place is definitely for you! People always talk about how clean this place is and yes it is. You do really see Asian and western culture in the food and architecture. Ok so we did spend a lot of shopping along Orchard road, it has your high end designer stores as well as our all-time favourite stores such as top shop, forever 21, Zara and H&M.

New Outfits for Dinner

 Loan Wears                           Ivy Wears
 Dress: Zara                            Dress: Top shop
 Necklace: Collette

The food was amazing; you have to try the famous chili crab with bread buns. We also went to Andre which is much fancier but is in the world’s top 50 restaurants. We had ten course meals and the food was absolutely divine.

Ivy excited to have her bib on at Jumbos

Beautiful Dinner at Andre
New Years
Ivy and I had so much fun at the Singapore’s Siloso New Year’s beach party. We ordered our tickets a couple weeks before. This beach party has people from all different parts of the world going to it. We just danced all night to great music and had the best time.
Beach Party = No high heels = Danced all night long and no sore feets.

I Love Singapore !!


Loan xx

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