Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Hair vs No hair

So let’s talk about hair. I’m talking about facial and bod hair. What are you into and when does it become a hairy situation? Ok we shall start off with clean shaved guys, they look fresh, baby skin smooth meaning you never have to worry about a pash rash. You can’t deny some men have stunning jawlines that they don’t need any extras. Guys with smooth chests can be very sexy as you can see definition especially if they are fit. Another bonus is that it feels nice skin to skin.



Now for the guys who go for the all-natural look. Stubble on the face is hot because there’s something manly and effortless about it. It’s a look that says I haven’t shaved for a couple of days, I don’t really care and take me as I am. Some chest hair can be appealing and would it definitely make you feel like you’re with a man but you don’t wanna feel like you’re with a bear. But you know what it comes down to personal preferences.



At the end of the day if someone is as beautiful as Ryan Gosling, they can do no wrong hair or no hair. While some guys may look creepy with a beard like Ryan in the notebook, he's still so damn sexy.

Images: Various Sources 

So lets us know what you fancy hair or no hair? :) 


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  1. ouw nice. I actually found a blog that provides eye candyy!!

    A little facial hair maybe.. not too much but not absence ;)


    1. Thanks for letting us know preferences :). Yes they are all great eye candy xx


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