Friday, 31 January 2014

Why it's better to be overdressed

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I like to dress up and some might even tell you that I’m overdressed most of the time. This is very intentional, but to explain my rationality I have to take you a while back...

I stepped on an elevator to make my way up to the tenth floor of a building, like any normal person I kept to myself, avoided any eye contact and stayed a good sneezing distance away from the rest of the people. At about the 6th floor a pen drops catching everyone’s attention (a thrilling elevator ride I must say!) and as I look up I catch the eye of a very attractive/familiar looking man. It takes me about 2 more floors for the shock and horror to loom over me - First I realised I was in the same elevator as one of my football favourites; in my head was a screaming teenager so gleeful to be in the vicinity of her high school crush, but on the outside I tried to be a composed woman not fazed by this beautiful creature standing directly opposite me. For the record, I didn’t fool anyone – the smile on his face told me that the gleeful teenager could not be contained. Anyway, secondly (and most relevantly) I was struck with panic when I realised that I was in my trackie-daks, I hadn’t washed my hair in at least a week and I couldn’t remember if I even showered that morning (what was on the 10th floor was more important than looking fab). It dawned on me at about 9th floor that this guy, who I’m sure I’ve fantasised marrying at one stage in my teens, was standing within arm’s length of me and I didn’t look cute! WAAAH! I vowed from that day forth I will never look homeless again!!

Here’s some fun snaps of us ridiculously dressed for mundane tasks, waiting for our fantasy man to come running in.


Ivy xx

Loan wears: Asos dress · Forever New shoes
Ivy wears: Witchery maxi · Diva silver bracelet stack 
Loan wears: Kookai top · Mink Pink skirt · Novo shoes · Forever New earrings
Ivy wears: Seduce dress · Tony Bianco pumps
Loan wears: Nasty Girl top · Tigermist skirt · Betts boots · Diva bracelet 
Ivy wears Portmans dress · Betts shoes 


  1. It's definitely better to be overdressed! Love this post.
    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  2. Hello lovely, thank you for the sweet comment on my blog, I really appreciate it :)

    Loved reading this, and now looking forward to your next post!


  3. Um gorgeous! Love all these looks! Especially number 5! And I agree it's ALWAYS better to be overdressed! :)

    <3 Shannon

    1. Thank you babe, happy you like our looks. We love dressing up xx


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