Thursday, 20 February 2014

5 Beauty products we can't live without

Everyone has those beauty products you  can not live without. Those products that you double check its there when your packing for holidays and panic when you run out. Here are our top five treasures we wanna share you beauties. 

Ivy's Top 5 
1.K√©rastase Haircare - After years of searching, this is the only product that can tame my course, unmanageable hair.
2. Palmers Cocoa Butter - This affordable gem plays in the big leagues with its expensive counterparts, it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth all day everyday.
3. Benefit Brow Zings Shaping Kit - Because it's all about the eyebrow game.
4. Clinque Anti-Blemish 3 Step Program - This 3 step has given me the smoothest, brightest skin, I cannot recommend this skincare enough.
5. Eyelash Extensions - Genetically I have small straight lashes, this gives me long lushes lashes without having to wear any mascara. Whats not to LOVE!

Loan's Top 5  
1.Rose hip oil – I promote and love rose hip oil so much (Just ask my close friends). When I was younger I had some acne scars. I went in a health food store looking for some vitamin E, then the shop assistant recommend rose hip oil because her son used rose hip oil on his surgery scars and the surgeons were surprise by the results. It leaves your glowing and it has so many benefits!! 
2.Korres- Pomegranate Cleansing Scrub- This is the best scrub I have used on my face making it feeling super soft. Pomegranate is also really great for your skin.
3.Rimmel Natural Bronzer – This is a really inexpensive product. I have many bronzers because I love the sunkiss godness look. This natural bronzer is such a great color which I can use everyday.
4.Revlon Colorstay Liquid Black Eyeliner – Another cheap treasure!! This liquid eyeliner is really easy to apply. I love making eyes stand out. The Rimmel liquid eyeliner is also great.
5.Vaseline Coco butter – Smoothing body butter- While some body butter can feel really heavy, vaseline products easily melts into you skin and light and doesn’t leave any residue.

Images: Various Sources 

Let us know any amazing products you lovelies can not live without!!


Loan xx

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  1. Great post! I love Fresh body oil... I use it instead of perfume most days!


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