Tuesday, 11 February 2014

City of Love - Paris

I had assumed Paris was given its title because of the romance it creates for two people, but I've realised now that it is the city you fall in love with.

Day One:
We land in Paris exhausted from the 18 hour flight. During the 3 hour (and 100€!!) taxi ride I was slightly disappointed that, so far, France looked a lot like Perth. Through the day we (Deanne and I) hopped on and off of the ugly big red buses - we may as well have walked around with "tourist" tattooed across our forehead. From the Louvre to the Arc de Triomph to the Eiffel Tower I eat my words at how stunning the city really is. During our tour we stumble across a bridge painted with bits of luggage locks. It is said that travelers engrave their locks and attach it to the bridge to literally lock their love in Paris.

Day Two:
We wake up at 5:30am partly because of jet lag, mostly because of maximising our shopping time. After going a few hundred Euros over budget we rush home and get dressed to the nines for our dinner at L'Espadon at the Ritz. As we sip on the glass of champagne recommended by our waiter and secretly panic at the price of the 8 course degustation option, horror strikes as I think "what if the waiter has recommended 500€ glasses of champagne... SHIT!". The meal was delicious, the staff were great and the surrounding was breathtaking. It was everything you'd expect from the Ritz. It's at this point we realise it's 9:00 at night and the sky is bright... Does it get dark in Paris? 

Day Three:
Today we travel to Champagne because; what’s France without a little champagne? In between Mumm and Moët and Chandon I learn that Dom Peringnon accidentally created champagne, that Moët and Chandon bought all of Dom Peringnon vineyards and created the label in his name and that I don't like escargot... Yuk! At night we buzzed our way to the Jay-Z & Kanye West concert. I have to admit that going in I wasn't as excited as Deanne and am not really a fan of the two. None-the-less we danced our way through till the end witnessing an encore of "Niggas in Paris" 11 times!!

Day Four:
Today we skipped Euro Disney for shopping... Great decision I think! Into the night we had dinner at the Effiel tower, where the food was disappointing but the view was breathtaking! We then head to the Moulin Rouge - can-can, topless dancing and musical theater at its best!! On our way home through the "red light" district we come across a sign reading "Zapping 2€". I wonder, is zapping popular in France? It doesn't seem conjure up pleasurable thoughts, but who am I to say, I've never been zapped. And if that's the case, that zapping equals pleasure, then 2€ is quite the bargain.

Day Five:
Today we fly out of Paris and into Spain. I cannot imagine what could top these 4 magnificent nights. 


Ivy xx


  1. Aaaah, Paris <3! I want to live there, this city is really so amazing!


  2. Great trip! I hope you had loads of fun there :)


  3. WOW! Everything sounds amazing. Shopping in Paris would be so incredible. I hope you have as great of a time in Spain!

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  4. I absolutely love the Love Lock bridge.
    I am definitely doing it with my love one day.


  5. wonderful photos! love that city!
    happy day!


  6. very beautiful my dear!!!! www.borsadimarypoppins.com

  7. beautiful post!
    i'd love to go to paris one day

  8. Ohhh France! I'm passionated about that country, although I've never been there.


  9. nice post!
    i've been there for less 24 hours.
    i wanna go back :)

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