Friday, 14 February 2014

Single on Valentine's Day

It's just another day right? Wrong! Valentine's day, or singles' awareness day as some refer to it, can be a day of love, chivalry and romance. It can also be a day of ice-cream buckets, sad songs and sex with the ex - no matter how good any of these might be they’re probably a bad idea.

February the 14th is a lose/lose situation for us singles; we could celebrate with our friends and family and come off secretly alone or carry on like it's any other day and, well; "the lady doth protest too much, methinks" And as much as you try to make a normal day out of it, society won't let you: restaurants are overpriced, there's red roses and teddy bears around every corner and all the fucking chocolate is heart shaped!!! Thanks hallmark.

Despite the million reasons us singletons should crawl under a rock and call it a day, here are few wins for us:
- It’s perfectly ok to wear your nice, comfy, daggy undies and not this skimpy little thing that no one sees anyway because your ass eats it up.
- You don’t have to put up with a clingy partner.
- You can flirt unashamedly with the cute guy at the bar without feeling a pang of guilt.
- There is no pressure of gift buying or date planning.
- Who needs a boyf when you have the perfect men in your life already: Jose (Cuervo), Ben (& Jerry’s) and Chandler (Bing).

Whether your loved up or flying solo this year, I hope you all can eat some amazing food, have a laugh or two and get a little lucky.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Ivy x


  1. i looove the bit where we don't have to buy presents haha, savings! and i never got why you should be sad if you don't have a date. go hang out with your friends or your family- you can be mushy with them, too!

    xo marlen
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  2. Haha I love this so much! :)
    Have a great weekend!

    I'm flying to America tomorrow!
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    Stay beautiful doll. XOXO


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