Monday, 3 February 2014

Not just another candle....

I cannot shut up about these candles!!  Evaglo Natural Soy Body Candles are one of those products you never knew existed, but now that you have it, you wouldn't want to live without it.

Firstly it ticks all the boxes for a good candle
þ It's made from soy - Meaning it's non-toxic and environmentally friendly
þIt doesn't burn quickly - A 340ml lasts up to 80 hours
þ It smells amazing - With scents such as coconut-lime or mango and papaya you can’t help but drool at the thought of the smell. My personal favourite is French vanilla - YUM!!!

And then the magic happens... As the candle burns the infusion of pure soy bean oil, rose hip oil and shea butter turns an ordinary candle into an extraordinary beauty product. The melted wax can immediately be used on the skin as a body moisturiser, massage oil or perfume balm.

As the candle is burning I use a disposable spoon to scoop up the melted wax and apply it on my skin. The oil quickly sinks into the skin leaving it feeling soft and smelling ah-maze-ing!!

I can't rave about this candle enough. I love its unique twist, affordability and the fact that they're made by local Perthians. Do yourself a favour and try these out for yourself, your house and your skin will love you for it. 

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Ivy x


  1. Wow these sound amazing!! I love candles so I might have to give them a try!!

    <3 Shannon

    1. They are really everything we have said. Amazing candles and we love rose hip oil so it was the best combo. Give them a try hun xx

  2. They smell divine. I will defs by purchasing one, or two for myself x


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