Sunday, 9 February 2014

What kind of Sunday are you having?


There are two kinds of Sundays

Lazy Sunday
I love these kinds of Sundays- I stay in my pjs all day watching movies, tv shows (my fave show being the fresh prince) and do some reading. Sundays are perfect for sleep ins especially after a night out or recovery from the week. 

Have a great do nothing sunday!! 

Loan wears                                     Ivy wears
Nightie: Target                               Top: Pull &Bear

Sunday Funday :) 
This is the kind of Sunday where I am relaxing in the sun, beaching it, catching up or going to a Sunday session. Dressing up for Sunday session is fun because dressy and effortless. A very carefree look. You can wear flats. That’s how it should be, I mean just relax its Sunday.

Wait, there’s another type of Sunday which is cleaning which I avoid this on Sunday, I just wanna have fun!!

Let us know what kind of sunday you beauties enjoy? 

Loan Wears                                      Ivy Wears
Top: Lookbook Store                      Top: Saboskirt 
Skirt: Tigermist                                Pants: Saboskirt
Shoes: Shoe Show                           Shoes:Spurr
Necklace: Princess Polly                          


Loan xx

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